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Doggie Daycare

At Doggie Dayz Daycare for dogs, we provide an exciting and fun alternative to leaving your four-legged friend alone all day.  Your dog will have fun, snuggle up with friends, and get lavished with attention all day.

Your dog will have free run of our supervised play area, designed just for dogs, as well as our chill area where they can just hang out on sofa's, beanbags and beds whilst watching tv,  just like at home (our daycare is completely free roaming with no Kennels and is fully supervised).


Your pooch will enjoy lots of fun based games with our fully trained staff, and great fun is had playing games such as 'hide and seek' and 'find the treat'. As well as lots of other games and reward based training.

We are able to feed your dog their own food if required during the day, and administer medication if required.

We take up to 10 dogs into our daycare facility a day, so the group size is perfect for play without it being an overwhelming number. 

We have a Frequently Asked Questions Page that can answer all of your questions, but the following is a quick overview :


Requirements :
- We require all daycare applicants to complete an initial questionnaire and book an induction/assessment before you are able to book any daycare with us, this ensures that all the dogs in our daycare are a good fit for each other and can have fun together. 


- We require all 'core' vaccinations to be up to date, including Kennel Cough.  Please note that if your dog has recently had the Nasal Bordatella vaccine, we cannot accept them into daycare until two weeks have passed.


- We require males over 6 months old to be neutered to be able to attend daycare, and if a female comes into season they must not attend for the duration of their season.

Our Opening Times :

Monday to Friday ;     

7.30am until 6.30pm

Prices :
- Full Day is £27 

7.30am until 6.30pm

(you are of course able to arrive and leave at any time within these hours)

- Note : We no longer offer half days 

- Inductions/Assessments are £18, and have a duration of approx. 3 - 4 hours.

                           10% Discount for a 5 day Monday to Friday booking.


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